Panasonic introduced a prototype of its Transparent TV during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which was held from Jan. 6-9. While transparent technology is nothing new, Panasonic's presentation of its Transparent TV, housed in a mock living room, made the technology appealing to the audience.

At first, only a translucent glass cover on a shelf can be seen. Using gesture technology, or the TV's remote, users can turn on the "Screen Mode" and the TV becomes visible.

The technology of the TV is actually found in the wood behind the glass. It has micro LEDS that beam out the picture to the glass display, making it possible to turn from "Transparent Mode" to "Screen Mode" in no time, according to The Verge.

An additional feature of Panasonic's Transparent TV is a gesture-controlled music app, where users can play songs from their playlist. What's amazing about it is that it shows how the glass can have display on half of the glass while the other half remains translucent.

Since the TV is still in its prototype stage, there are very visible limitations. The glass panel is not yet as transparent as Panasonic is aiming for, and the resolution is currently maxed out at 1080 pixels, Engadget reports.

There is no news as to when the final product would be available for the consumer market, but Panasonic's smart home display during CES were products they hope to release between 2018 to 2020, according to Mashable.