Italian authorities are investigating after an artist was found dead in her apartment in Florence Saturday afternoon. Ashley Olsen, who was 35 and originally from Florida, was found strangled in her apartment with scratches and bruises around her neck, according to CBS News.

Olsen's body was discovered by her boyfriend, who had requested access to her apartment from her landlord after failing to hear from her for a couple of days, according to CNN. She was reportedly last seen at a Florence nightclub early Saturday morning, according to reports by CNN.

Olsen's boyfriend, who is also an artist, had reportedly fought with Olsen prior to her death, but has an alibi that corresponds with witness testimony, according to the Telegraph. Prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo told CNN that, at the current time, "no one has been excluded" and "no track has been excluded."

Posts that Olsen made on Instagram a while back have garnered attention for possibly pointing towards a stalker. She posted an image taken of her from behind without her consent with hashtags such as #Ihaveastalker, #creeperpic and #stalkeralert, according to NBC News.  It is unclear whether the posts were made in seriousness or not.

Olsen lived in Florence for two years and was well-known in her area, with a local telling reporters "everybody around here knew who she was... the blonde American with the little dog," according to the Telegraph. A friend from Florida, Staci Kelly, described her as "full of life" and said she "never met a person who didn't like her," in an interview with WJAX News.

Authorities are currently using CCTV images of Olsen's street and phone and computer records to help their investigation, but Florence police spokesperson Maddalena Carosi stated that no official declarations would be made at this time, according to the Telegraph.