There was a pretty big reveal during Monday’s episode of “Beauty and the Beast”, well to Catherine anyway. She finally found out Agent Reynolds is her biological father. Just as she’ll have questions going forward so do I:

No. 1—What now?

Now that Catherine knows who her dad is, what happens next? It’s possible Agent Reynolds planned for something like this just in case he doesn’t want Catherine to know his true identity. However, in the event he does, will the two of them have a nice bonding session? Will they fight beasts together?

No. 2—Does Gabe have a chance?

The little mano-a-mano between Gabe and Vincent was awkward and funny all at the same time. He’s finally admitted to Tess (and himself) that he has feelings for Catherine. However, is there really any chance for him? Without even mentioning the fact that Vincent’s a beast with superhuman capabilities, you can argue that Vincent is the love that Cat has been fighting for. Gabe may be nothing more than an extremely small distraction.

No. 3—Does the series continue after this season?

It occurred to me after watching this episode that this could be the last season. Where do the writers go from here? Is there an ultimate beast out there that will threaten the main cast? Are there any more secrets to uncover? I’m not seeing a definite direction this series can go after Season 2.

No. 4—Will J.T. get a love interest?

Can my man J.T. get a girlfriend please?

“Beauty and the Beast” airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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