How are those New Year's resolutions coming? Was one of them to get out and exercise more? Or get fit? Since that's a very popular resolution and a hard one to keep committed to, how about you combine it with walking your pet? It's National Walk Your Pet Month, so get off the sofa, put down the bag of chips, grab your leash and let's go!

Download the Walk for a Dog app by Wooftrax, and a contribution will be made in your name every time you take your dog for a walk, or your cat, or your rabbit, ferret or chicken. The app is both Android and iPhone-friendly, and you can help the shelter of your choice, just by walking your pet, as HNGN previously noted.

Don't have a dog? So what, you can walk your pet, anyway. Are you a cat person? Train your cat to walk on a leash and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, or at the park. With any pet, the simple keys to a good walk is appropriately fitted harness or collars that are right for your pet, too, as well as being aware of your surroundings. While your pet may be great, let's not let an off-leash dog, or worse, bring harm to your furry friend.

Yes indeed, cats can walk, and if you have a social cat, they will actually enjoy it! While they aren't too good at the heel command, they aren't going to sniff every bush plant and want to stop to hike their leg on it- so not a cat thing. YouTuber Jami Sell is gracious enough to share her video with her three cats Ezekiel,Templeton and Shiloh all enjoying a walk.

What about a rabbit? Now bunnies do love their freedom and love to run and jump free, but with the right type of harness made just for rabbits, this can be fun. Rabbit harnesses are safe and stretchy. Check out this adorable bunny strutting (well, hopping) its stuff.

Ferrets are so inquisitive. They are excellent to take out, but make sure you have the right attire! Ferrets have such harrow shoulders they can get out of anything, so your harness needs to be ferret-approved. YouTuber Ferret Life shows off her ferret Snow enjoying a walk at the park. Snow wears a harness made especially for ferrets by Marshall.

What's that? You have a chicken? Well, they are not the best to walk, but if you are the type of person that has a pet chicken and wishes to walk it, they you would have the patience needed. Chickens walk very, very slowly and get distracted easily by bugs, says YouTuber Happy Honey 41, who walks her chicken Elsa.

Handicapped pets are getting all the support they need nowadays to get them back on their feet, so to speak. Wheels, wheelchairs and prosthetic legs are all available to get your pet up and moving again. If your pet is handicapped, its more important than ever to ensure that they get in their daily exercise, like 10-year-old Denali here, who had lost the use of her back legs. Once she was fitted into a wheelchair, she was able to get her life back.

The weather has been unseasonably warm across the country. If you are still experiencing warm weather, or warm enough weather, get your shoes on, get your leash in hand and get out and walk that pet! Walking your pet is a benefit for you both, according to Talbot Humane. You know the old saying, who is walking who? Who is appropriate, considering the benefits you are also enjoying.