The traditional Sunday supper is no longer a regular thing for some families. Sitting down at the dining table at home to enjoy food and talk to each other for hours has become irrelevant, and it's replaced by the convenience of takeout, or going to restaurants and the presence of gadgets while eating meals.

The Sunday Supper Movement aims to bring back the tradition with the observance of National Sunday Supper this month of January, with Jan. 10 marking National Sunday Supper Day. The group is passionate about this because Sunday suppers can teach "the importance of unplugging and being present" and create "cherished memories and traditions of togetherness," according to their pledge.

Would you like to do the same and bring back Sunday supper traditions in your home? Below are some ideas for planning Sunday supper partiers.

1) Plan a theme, but keep it casual. Sunday supper parties shouldn't be grand nor expensive because that wouldn't be comfortable. You can stick with stuff you already have, like using old plates, table runners and decorations. However, going with a theme will give the get-together a fresh and exciting vibe. Why not start this Sunday's supper by going with a color theme?

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2) Plan the menu. What will you be serving for dinner? Is there anyone in the family you would like to honor this week? What's their favorite home-cooked dish? You have to prepare a main course, some side dishes, a dessert and drinks. Some usual favorites include pasta, roasted chicken, roasted beef, meatloaf, pie and ice cream. Bookmark HNGN for regular recipe ideas.

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3) Arrange the seating plan. Apart from the food, Sunday suppers are about conversations and for huge families, and properly seating family members with the right person can improve relationships. "We can correct a lot of problems by sitting around a table and talking to each other," said food blogger Erika Council, according to Yahoo! Food. "We can become comfortable and familiar with each other. And if we're comfortable with each other, we can do other things. I'm not saying food can cure everything, but I think it's a huge connection."

If you're observing Sunday supper this January, use #SundaySupper to post on social media.