Of the fads that will shape interior design trends in 2016, one style is raring to make a huge comeback based on a survey among interior design experts in the United States.

Geometric shapes, bold colors and large patterns are predicted to become popular in the coming year, as designs will be geared towards adding dimensions and making spaces look more elegant, according to home design site Zillow. It's reminiscent of the art deco fad that peaked between the 1920s and 1940s.

Gold will become a popular accent and fixture in many homes. "Watch for an increase in natural colors and textures contrasted by retro art deco statement pieces," said designer Kerrie Kelly, via Construction Dive.

Kelly's prediction is echoed by North Folk designers who revealed that metal accents will be big next year. "We saw gold become more popular, and metals," said Renee Lisowy who owns the Wallace Home Design in the Suffolk County in New York, via the Suffolk Times. "I think that's going to continue into 2016 because I see the presence of shimmer and shine, or the illusion of those things, in fabrics."

Dusty rose and pink accents are going to be popular next year too, especially after Pantone announced Rose Quartz as one of its colors of the year, as previously reported on HNGN.

Floral patterns will be out in 2016 and in its place, intricate and ornate designs evoking art deco style will be much more dominant. Texture will also be a focal part of design in 2016, as homes will be accented with nubby wool, natural fibers and encaustic tiles, per Zillow.

Take your travel souvenirs, flea market finds and one-of-a-kind ornaments out of the boxes to display in living rooms and other spaces as these will help make 2016 spaces trendy. Of the items to ditch for next year, say goodbye to burlap covers on chairs, chalkboard-painted walls and mason jars. The latter is a trend that has been "thoroughly exhausted" in recent years, Zillow stated in its report.