A waitress at an Olive Garden in Morehead City, N.C. received the shock of her life when she was given a $1,000 tip on a $75 bill.

Kathryn Irwin, who has been working at the Italian restaurant chain since 2012, said that she received the generous tip from a family of six on Dec. 20 and wants to use the money for a good cause, according to ABC News.

"After the family left, I didn't even look at the check book right away since we were short-staffed, so I went to help other team members," Irwin said. "When I finally went back to get the book and enter the tip, I first noticed they wrote, 'God bless you,' on the check.'"

The total amount of the bill was $75.70, out of which $30 was paid using a gift card. The suggested tip on the remaining amount of $45.70 was $15.14, the Daily Mail reported.

"Then I noticed the decimal point on the tip, and I thought, 'No way!'" Irwin said. "I ran to my manger, and he verified it and told me, 'Katy, you did really good this time.'"

The 24-year-old said that she was grateful to the family that left her the tip and said that she used part of the money to do a good deed by paying for an elderly couple's meal and making a donation to a number of Salvation Army kettles in the mall, according to FOX 8.

"As far as other plans, my car is a little bit on the older side, so there's some room to fix things up now," she said before adding that she would also be using the money for her college education.