Losing weight takes effort and sometimes activities like going to the gym, swimming, running and cycling can be total chores. If slimming down and dropping pounds is your goal, but you can't find enjoyment in these physical tasks, perhaps you can turn to a fun activity like dancing. Research says that it not only helps burn more calories, but it also improves psychological well-being.

A study conducted by experts from the University of Brighton suggests that certain dance routines, such as street, swing or contemporary, can burn an average of 293 kcals compared to 264 kcals for running and 249 kcals for swimming, according to Daily Mail.

The expert analyzed their findings based on a group of dancers between the ages of 24 to 38 at the London's City Academy. The researchers measured their heart rate, energy expenditure and the distance traveled during a 30-minute dance session. The dancers were made to wear catapult vests for monitoring, and then after each class, the participants were also asked about their state of mind.

The experts kept track of at least six dance styles among different classes and were surprised to find that ballet classes, usually regarded as mild in style, as having the most intense routines. They also discovered that a half-hour street dance class could match the distance covered by a jogger who runs for 3.6 kilometers.

"Dance not only appears to increase positive and reduce negative emotions, which are typical effects of exercise, but we also found that dancing actually reduced feelings of fatigue too," said Nick Smeeton, the head of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Brighton, via CBS Local.

"People may be familiar with runners' high and there appears to be a similar effect after dancing too. We have seen that dancing improves your emotional state. Furthermore, it seems to have an energizing effect. Add in the known benefits of social interaction you get whilst dancing and it becomes a powerful way to improve your health and well-being," added Smeeton.

"This research gives a fascinating insight into the various health and well-being benefits dance provides. Across the board we know that dance is a fun and sustainable way to keep fit and, best of all, it's accessible to everyone," said Shawnna Cope, the head of dance in City Academy, via Source Wire.

To learn more about the study, watch the video below:

The Science of Dance from City Academy on Vimeo.