It is said that men in the 21st century are a lot more style-minded and cultured than the generations that preceded them. Whether this is accurate or not is subject to debate, but one thing is sure: Men love presents, too. And since we do, we also have a list of items we'd rather not get this holiday season.

Let's get on to the list.

Fancy Shaving Kits

As much as beards are glamorized by the media, most men actually consider shaving as routine as brushing teeth, according to The New York Post. There's really no glamor in it, so no matter how fancy the shaver is, it's no better than those that can be bought for a few bucks in the store.

Girl Books

Yes, men can be avid readers. Thus, one thing that we actually dislike is when our partner gives us feminine books for Christmas. We do like our books, and we like them manly. So remember, it's always Brad Thor and John Grisham over Sophie Kinsella and Rainbow Rowell.

DVD Box Sets

As much as these gifts were awesome a decade ago, box sets simply take up space nowadays. Instead of giving men a box set of his favorite TV series, get him a Hulu subscription instead, reported GQ. It's a guarantee that he's gonna love it.


Unless you know the exact type of cologne a man has been using, don't bother giving him another one as a gift. We love consistency, and that goes with the way we smell, as well. If we had been using the same fragrance for years, it's highly unlikely that we'll end up falling in love with a new one.

Clothes Outside His Fashion

Eventually, a man settles on a type of fashion that he is very comfortable with. Just like colognes, unless you know exactly the type of clothes that a man likes, be very wary of giving him clothing. Remember, we are creatures of consistency, so if you suddenly give us something that we will never wear, it's like saying that there's something wrong with the way we dress.

So there we have it. Please stay away from these gifts for men this holiday season. We're quite sure your man would greatly appreciate it.

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