We all fall into the rut of wearing our favorite shirt a bit too often, or that pair of jeans that is worn in just the right spots to provide a softness that feels like clothing comfort food. But what happens when you decide to take it to another level and wear only super comfortable clothing? It happens - whether its a conscience decision and a wardrobe change to the casual attire, or a piece-by-piece transition over time - one day, you wake up and find you only wear comfy, too-casual-for-most-work-places clothing.

When your wardrobe creeps from a cool, stylish look to lazy, it's time for an intervention. Who hasn't rolled out of bed to throw on the biggest sweatshirt we could find, a ball cap and some sweat pants before scurrying off? But that works in college, not in real world. You are a grownup now and it's time to act like it! If you are still wearing leggings as pants, stop it. They are not pants, honest, says The New Daily. Try any of the other hundreds of styles of easy elastic waist trousers if you must, but back away from the leggings. There is a way to find comfort with style.

New trendy names for old worn out pieces have you tricked? Joggers are sweatpants, says Pop Sugar, and those amazing oversized or "boyfriend" sweaters are just, well, just baggy and sloppy. 

Chic clothing can be comfortable. it's all in the fit and fabric. Adopting a stylish casual look can help make the transition back to adulthood. Banish the t-shirts that looked good in college as now they merely make you look like a mom that stopped caring, according to Small Notebook. Go for layers and a few good pieces, rather than a wardrobe full of cheaper clothing that won't last a season. Jewelry that complements your clothes helps you accessorize like an adult.

Does it pass this important test: Can you be at work or even at home and go places without having to change your clothes? Dressed-up doesn't fit in everyone's work-style or lifestyle, but there are a few levels of casual and stylish just below it that leaves us looking good and that is far more appropriate and confident than the rut some have found themselves stuck in.