One of the rarest monkeys in the world, the bright orange François' Langur, was born at Sydney's Taronga Zoo on Nov. 7, according to The Guardian. The monkey, named Nangua, has bright orange fur that darkens with age and was discovered by zoo officials being cradled in his mother Meili's arms. 

"Meili has shown her calmness and experience since the birth, cradling and protecting the baby, but also allowing [other monkeys in the group] Noel and Elke to get close to him," said Jane Marshall, senior primate keeper. "Noel has taken on the role of allomother, carrying the baby about 50% of the time. This gives Mum a break to eat and rest, but as soon as the baby whimpers she races straight back over to him."

François' Langurs are currently considered an endangered species with approximately 800 left in the wild and 2,000 left in the world, most with concentrations focused in northern Vietnam and southwest China, according to ABC News. The species' population is declining due to habitat loss and poachers on the hunt for traditional medicines.

Currently, the Taronga Zoo is the only Australian zoo that cares for these unique primates, although it is working closely with other zoos to prevent the population reduction problem that they are facing, according to AOL News.

Nangua is developing well and shows no signs of disease or developmental problems.

"He's still quite wobbly on his legs, but his head control is very strong and he's gripping and climbing well," said Marshall. "The adults are starting to let him climb off them briefly, which shows they're happy with his progress."