After NASA's space telescopes caught images of a supermassive black hole emitting X-ray light, which stimulated the theory of Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra that black holes are actually extremely hot balls of fire much like our Sun, as previously reported by HNGN, the India Times is now claiming that NASA has confirmed this theory.

"The latest findings are in accordance with the theory of Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra who had theorized that the black holes are actually ultra hot balls of fire like our Sun," the article reads, with the headline "NASA's Says Indian Scientist's Theory Is Correct, Black Holes Don't Really Exist." 

Despite these claims, NASA has yet to release any statement regarding the validity of Mitra's claims. Although the current images do lend support to the astrophysicists theory, further research needs to be conducted before these claims can be verified.

Mitra believes that black holes are the result of massive stars contracting to a smaller size, leading to a large amount of radiation trapped within the extremely hot star, according to the Free Press Journal.

However, this radiation means that the star must exert an outward force in order to combat the gravitational pull, which ultimately leads to a state of eternal contraction that is currently what we refer to as a black hole.

Many still believe that black holes do not themselves give off light, according to the Daily Mail, and instead are typically encircled by glowing material due to the gravity of the black hole pulling in swirling gas and causing it to shine.

Furthermore, coronas are another source of radiation and in the case of the recent X-ray emissions, scientists believe that they were caused by the ejection to the black hole's corona.