In an interview with EDIT magazine, Jessica Alba says she feels like a "lone wolf" in her position as the CEO of lifestyle brand The Honest Company due to the lack of female heads around, according to Just Jared.

"You feel like a lone wolf surrounded by men who have done it all before," says Alba before adding that she has experienced gender inequality and the labelling of men and women differently in Hollywood.

"I've actually felt this more in the entertainment industry. People never say a male actor is difficult, they call him smart, but if a woman did the same thing, she would be considered a bitch," she says.

"I find it funny when I get called ambitious! I've even had my agents do intros and say, 'She's a very ambitious young lady.' And I'm always like, 'What the f--k does that mean?!'" Alba adds.

The "Sin City" actress, whose company sells non-toxic household and baby products, goes on to talk about how people have underestimated her.

"Certainly people in Hollywood underestimated me. They absolutely, 100 percent thought I was nuts," Alba says, according to Gossip and Gab. "It's hard for people to take you seriously when you're known for entertaining, because there are preconceived ideas of what it is to be an entertainer. But you have to have a lot of heart [to be an actor], a lot of drive.

"You face a lot of rejection, too, and it takes a certain kind of person to withstand that. I don't think people knew what I was capable of - I didn't know what I was capable of - until I actually did it."

In September, Alba's company was sued by a consumer for being "deceptive" and "misleading." The actress and CEO rubbished the claims, stating that the allegations were "baseless and out of merit," as HNGN previously reported.