Another image from NASA has alien enthusiasts buzzing, with some people seeing the image of a mousy martian appearing in the latest released image, according to the Daily NewsThe Curiosity rover captured the image on Oct. 27.

"It may be an optical illusion but it has big ears, nose and eyes visible," said "Mr. White," a YouTube alien enthusiast who runs the channel Art Alien TV. "It resembles a very large mouse or gerbil, and would be about two or three feet long."

The alleged "mouse" was seen in the Gale crater of Mars, which is 96 miles in diameter.

It was originally discovered by Jason Hunter, who also believes that the image shows alien life, according to the Inquisitr"There appears to be a huge mouse on Mars," said Hunter. "This is a very strange thing as this mouse must be gigantic."

Hunter has a bit of a reputation for his Mars photo discoveries, which has caught the attention of other alien enthusiasts, according to Express

"Jason Hunter has a skill for finding the unusual and a giant rodent on Mars is just that," said "UFO supremo" Scott Waring. "Yet, this strangely-shaped mouse rock has not been investigated by the rover, or if it has, we the public won't know about it."