North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) raised money for the construction of Bianca's Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, a cage-free habitat for the furry felines at NSALA, with a fundraising celebrity gala at The Pierre Hotel in New York City on Nov. 20. That's where Headlines and Global News spotted Rachael Ray.

While many asked for a play-by-play on Ray's Thanksgiving dinner menu (and yes, it sounded beyond delicious), HNGN's Pets Happy Zone wanted to know what the celebrity chef and talk show host was really passionate about. Ray and her smolderingly handsome husband, "The Cringe's" John Cusimano, walked hand-in-hand on the red carpet for North Shore Animal League America's celebrity gala and stopped to chat with us about pit bulls and breed discrimination.

Ray and Cusimano are the proud parents of a red-nosed pit bull named Isaboo.

HNGN: How do you feel about breed discrimination?

RR: That's why we have a pit bull and only pit bulls. My first dog was Boo. My current dog is Isaboo. I feel that people are ignorant. There's no such thing as a bad breed of dog any more than there can be a bad breed of human being. It's tragic, and I wish the U.K. would change their laws and a lot of cities and states in this country. Some people can't even get house insurance if they bring home a pit bull. It's insane.

HNGN: What do you think about the reputation for "turning" or "snapping" that pit bulls have gotten, and, despite this, why have you chosen a pittie?

RR: Pit bulls specifically are nanny dogs. That was how they were introduced to society. They were to babysit babies, and infants and children. They're not scary unless you beat them and torture them and electrocute them and make them fight each other. Then anyone would be pretty angry, I would think. And that's specifically why we have a pit bull.

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