India Love Westbrooks is the breakout star of her family's new BET reality series "The Westbrooks," but she rose to fame as a social media socialite before she was a reality TV personality. Westbrooks revealed in a recent interview with BET how much money she makes on Instagram and gave away some of the secrets to her brand.

"I don't decide when or what to post on social media," she told BET. "I honestly, spur of the moment, if I feel like I just took a bomb-ass picture, I'ma post it. If I just took 10 bomb-ass pictures, I'ma post it back to back to back to back to back and just let it go."

She revealed that she's made "racks" off of Instagram, which is a slang term for "money," according to Marketplace. She cited her good looks as the tool she uses to promote various companies, clothes and products via her Instagram page and said she's found that advertisers are willing to pay a pretty girl to promote their brands.

"I'd say five racks easy," she explained of how much money she can make per brand. "Cause I charge a couple hundred just to have your link in my bio. Plus you want promotion? I got a million followers now so you need to give me at least $700 just for a post."

The way Westbrooks decides which companies to work with is by how much money they're willing to pay her, and she knows that any brand will do well promotion-wise on her page because her fans pay attention to her every move on social media.

"Whoever offers me the most money to wear their products or promote their products," Westbrooks explained, "I will do that for you because I know that my fans will latch onto that."

Watch Westbrooks' full video interview below, and be sure to catch the upcoming episode of "The Westbrooks," airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on BET.