There’s going to be another “NCIS” spinoff and unlike the first one, Mark Harmon (Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the original “NCIS”) is actually on board.

According to, Harmon credited showrunner Gary Glassberg with convincing him to hop on board with "NCIS: New Orleans." In fact, Harmon will be an executive producer.

Fans will be introduced to the spinoff, later this season courtesy of a two-part sweeps episode.

Originally, Glassberg discussed an idea that was just supposed to be an episode. The showrunner told the website Harmon saw something more.

"And to Mr. Harmon's credit, he looked at me and said, 'That's more than a sweeps episode.' I realized he might be right," Glasberg explained. "We'll do our best to cast and write it well and create something fun and different."

When “NCIS:Los Angeles” was set to hit the small screen in 2009, Harmon felt it would take away from the original show. (It hasn’t since “NCIS” was the most watched television show last season.) This time around, Harmon seems much more excited.

"The target is two terrific episodes of this series, which we were going to do anyway. But now we get a chance to really do it,” he said.

Although “NCIS” is looking ahead to expanding, it has an issue to deal with right at home—the departure of the character Ziva (Cote de Pablo.) In a recent interview with, Glassberg said the show will not shy away from the absence of a major character.

 “Oh, it’s very present. It’s a big part of quite a few episodes,” Glassberg told the website. “You’ll see glances and references to the empty desk, but at the same time we try to get back to the fun and the humor and the lightness and the banter of the squad room — all the things that people like about our show. But we’re not hiding from it, it’s acknowledged.

“NCIS” airs on Tuesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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