A giant pumpkin that weighed more than a smart car won the 42nd annual World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in California on Monday, reported The Huffington Post.

To put the pumpkin's weight into perspective, a smart car weighs about 1,800 pounds, according to The Daily News. Crew members used a forklift to move the gargantuan pumpkins in the California contest.  

In Half Moon Bay, which is south of San Francisco, gigantic pumpkins competed in the Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off, according to the Associated Press.

Pumpkin growers used special harnesses to weigh their massive pumpkins on an industrial strength digital scale capable of weighing up to five tons. Officials from the county agricultural commissioner's Office of Weights, Sealers, and Measures monitored the weighing, according to The Associated Press. 

Last year in Germany, a Swiss grower with a 2,323-pound pumpkin won the competition, reported The Huffington Post. This year American Steve Daletas from Pleasant Hill, Ore., claimed the $12,000 prize.

Californians Ron and Karen Root won second place for their 1,806-pound pumpkin. A $500 prize was awarded to the most beautiful pumpkin for its color, size and shape.

Daletas, this year's winner, was also the grand winner of the contest in 2003.