Amazon announced Tuesday that it plans to hire 100,000 people for the upcoming holiday season. The additional manpower will be used to fill seasonal positions, especially in the company's warehouses where online orders are processed and shipped, according to ABC News.

The massive hiring spree shows a 25 percent jump from the number of employees hired last year when the e-commerce giant only added about 80,000 positions during the holiday season.

Amazon began its expansion in August when the company started strengthening its workforce. Recently, the company hired more than 25,000 people for regular, full-time positions, reported Gulf News.

John Challenger, the CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, said Amazon is taking a step away from conventional retailers due to the difference in its business platform.

"It used to be that the bulk of holiday hires would be in customer-facing positions on the sales floor and behind the cash register. These extra workers would also help pick up the slack in the backroom, helping to receive and stock increased deliveries. Now, as more and more shopping is completed online, the holiday hiring is shifting away from stores and into the warehouses," he said.

Amazon continues to be one of America's most preferable employers, with competitive wages and comprehensive benefits, including healthcare, 401(k) with 50 percent match, stock and bonuses.