Azealia Banks cut her performance at the Listen Out Festival in Melbourne short after an audience member threw a beer can at her, prompting the rapper to storm offstage and refuse to continue her set, The Huffington Post reports.

While the rest of the audience seemed to be enjoying Banks's performance of "ATM Jam," one disgruntled crowd-goer tossed a beer can at her during the opening song of her set-list. In the fan video uploaded to YouTube of the incident, Banks is seen angrily exiting the stage, much to the disappointment of her fans.

"The incident made Azealia and her stage crew feel unsafe," Banks's reps issued in a statement. "Banks would like to apologize to those fans in the audience whose experience was affected by the behavior of one individual."

Later that day, Banks took to Twitter to apologize to her Australian fans.

"Sorry to all the festival-goers in Melbourne !!!!! See ya tomorrow in Brisbane !!!!!," she tweeted. The following day she added, "K. Brisbane went smoothly. No one threw any cans at my head. I'm gonna read my Cat encyclopedia, have a wine and go to sleep."

Today, Banks, known for her love of Twitter drama, wrote in response to media backlash, "Next time. I'm bringing a tennis racket on stage. The can definitely didn't hit me.....and I definitely still got paid. More press please, and thank you. -Xx AB."

This isn't the first time that Banks has cut her shows short, according to Billboard. Just 15 minutes into her performance days before in Sydney, Banks left the stage for good after being hit with a drink, and in mid-2012, played a set at Australia’s Splendour in the Grass that lasted just 25 minutes, which she later blamed on the festival's equipment.

Earlier this year, Banks launched a Twitter tirade against the Stone Roses whom she claimed hijacked her set by soundchecking during her performance.

Other musicians that have been assaulted while onstage include Justin Bieber, Danny Brown, Tim McGraw, Limp Bizkit, Kings of Leon, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love and The Rolling Stones.