President Barack Obama hosted the second "Astronomy Night" for 300 students, 11 astronauts and Bill Nye "the Science Guy" at the White House Grounds on Monday.

One of the invited student guests was Ahmed Mohamed, the young teen from Texas who gained popularity after the police suspected his clock project as a bombing device. Sitting in the third row from the front, Obama also requested the 14-year-old boy to bring said clock with him, but he did not, according to USA Today.

Obama had a few words for those who were present during Astronomy Night.

"We have to encourage those glimmers of curiosity," Obama said, according to Breitbart News. Obama wanted the children to continue to add fire to the flames of interest when it comes to exploring more. He encouraged students to continue pursuing the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM.

"This is some of the most fun I have on this job," he said. "As long as young people, like so many of you here tonight keep seeking answers to the great questions, America can do anything."

Obama even called the International Space Station.

After his speech he looked at the moon using a huge telescope with the help of one high school senior. Obama noted that the moon looked "spectacular," according to the Voice of America.

"I felt really happy that I got support from the president," Mohamed said before going to Astronomy Night, according to The Dallas Morning News. "It's really amazing that he helped me."

Watch the President's speech below.