An optical illusion or a rare sighting of the legendary Bigfoot? Photographs taken two weeks ago in the woods of Bradford, Pennsylvania by a hiker appear to capture two of the famed creatures, the Daily Mail reports, just yards from the main road of Kinzua State Park.

John Stoneman, 57, had just returned from the Kinzua Bridge Fall Festival with his girlfriend when the two spotted a pair of bizarre, moving creatures lurking in the woods. He quickly grabbed his camera and snapped a number of photographs, though traffic behind him forced him to continue down the road. Stoneman believes he may have acquired footage of the legendary North American creature whose existence is hotly disputed.

"I'm a skeptic myself, I'm not a believer, but this was not a bear and you can see fur on it," Stoneman told the Daily Mail. "It's wider at the shoulders and tapers down whereas a bear is bigger in the middle and stands differently with its paws out, this was standing like a man, like a Bigfoot. At first some people have discredited it and said it's just a root ball at the bottom of a fallen tree, but I've been back to the exact spot and there is no root ball there. We do have black bears, but they are considerably smaller than this, it was standing about seven-foot tall."

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, has long been considered a creature of popular myth and folklore, but a group of researchers in Texas recently claimed that they had discovered evidence of its existence, showing grainy clips of human-like figures moving through a forested area of Kentucky during a news conference yesterday in Dallas.

Known as The Sasquatch Genome Project, the team has been collecting evidence for the past five years, WFAA reports, including DNA samples from individuals that they believe to be Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, as they call the creature. The team is led by trained veterinarian, Dr. Melba Ketchum, founder of her own genetics research company.

Ketchum called the Sasquatch Genome Project "a serious study," the video evidence provided including 2005 footage showing an alleged female Sasquatch sleeping. Additional footage will be released in the upcoming documentary, "The Erickson Project."

Click here to see John Stoneman's photographs that he alleges are of seven-foot-tall Bigfoot creatures.