One of the questions we have heading into Episode 2 of “The Blacklist” is “Who is the man they call Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold)?”

At the end of the season premiere, Elizabeth found a number of questionable items belonging to her husband. According to Eggold, it may be a little while before Liz (and us) get some answers about the mysterious Mr. Keen.

 “Elizabeth doesn’t have anything to go on right now, so the next few episodes is her trying to deduce if she can trust this man that she’s married to," he said in a recent interview with "But in terms of it taking a big leap towards something really happening, it’s like Episode 5, I think, when things really shift, in a big way.”

The Keen house is probably going to be very awkward. It’s not often you find out your spouse could be an international spy, or thief or, criminal mastermind. However, this situation brings about a few questions:

--Did Tom know Raymond Reddington before Tom knew Elizabeth?

--Did Tom marry Elizabeth out of love or for another motive?

--Did Tom marry Elizabeth because Raymond said so? (This wouldn’t be the first time Raymond has told a criminal to do something while outing him as a criminal at the same time.)

We’re four episode away from getting big answers where Tom, but until then, we can continue to enjoy the fun character that is Raymond Reddington.

“The Blacklist” airs on Mondays at10/9c on NBC.

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