Season 2 of “Revolution” premieres tonight and fans are getting ready for the return of the United States of America, well sort of.

At the end of Season 1, we were left looking at a mystery man who another gentleman referred to as Mr. President—who was apparently hiding out at Guantanamo Bay. In Season 2, we’re going to get some insight into the unknown POTUS.

“For now, he’s just this shadowy figure that is moving into the White House, and we’ll start to tease all that out,” executive producer Eric Kripke recently told TV The EP said we will know who the Commander-in-Chief is by “midseason.”

Kripke also discussed with the website Adam Beach’s role in the show’s sophomore season. Beach’s character—who appears in tonight’s premiere—like many people in this new world, doesn’t really get along with Miles (Billy Burke) right away.

Beach will play “the sheriff of the town of Willoughby that our heroes stumble into and immediately there’s a little friction with Miles because he senses that there’s [something off],” said Kripke.

He adds that Miles doesn’t use his real name when he arrives in the sheriff’s town to hide his identity. However, the sheriff quickly realizes that something is up.

It’s appears yet another person could figure our Miles’ identity as General Matheson before the season premiere is over. If that happens, Miles troubles in his love life won’t be the only troubles he has.

Season 2 of “Revolution” premieres tonight, at 9/8c on NBC.