Scott Michael Foster has enjoyed successful runs on two ABC Family shows, "Greek and "Chasing Life." His past work will keep him in the family as he moves over to sister network ABC for the new series, "Blood & Oil."

"I've impressed some people up there I guess," Foster told Headlines & Global News exclusively. "I don't know what it is but I'm grateful for it."

The 30-year-old actor plays Wick Briggs in the new Sunday night drama about a modern-day oil boom in North Dakota. Wick is the troubled son of oil baron Hap Briggs (Don Johnson), who isn't impressed by his son's life choices so far.

"He never had the attention of his father. Because of that he's sort of lashed out. He's acting inappropriately," Foster said. "His father punishes him by cutting him off. He starts doing some really stupid things to get back at dad. He's got some lessons to learn that's for sure."

Wick wants to show his father and the rest of the world that he can make a name for himself without daddy's help. Unfortunately for him, some of those stupid things will come with some legal consequences.

"Getting back at his father and proving to the world he's worth something - that's the beginning of his journey," Foster explained.

"Blood & Oil" features a stellar cast led by Johnson, who's also an executive producer for the show, and Foster joked he sometimes feels like the "least competent" person at the table reads, which he doesn't mind.

"You never want to feel like the ensemble isn't strong. This one is very strong," he said. "Don's incredible. He's a really great spearhead for the show. A great leader. Everyone falls in line behind him."

Foster's addition to "Blood & Oil" likely led to his demise on "Chasing Life," where he played Leo Hendrie. His character had beaten brain cancer and married April (Italia Ricci) but sadly passed away in his sleep only days after their wedding.

The role of a cancer patient taught Foster a lot about real cancer patients and survivors, and he had the chance to speak with doctors on the subject.

"It was an amazing show to be a part of," Foster said. "It's a rare opportunity to play a character that is not only a lot of fun to portray but it's also rare to play someone that teaches you something. I learned a lot about cancer and the struggle of survivors... I was very thankful for that."

Catch Foster on the series premiere of "Blood & Oil" tonight, Sept. 27, at 9 p.m. on ABC.