Azealia Banks has been involved in a few rants and controversies already this year, and now she's causing trouble on planes. The 24-year-old singer was on a Delta flight from New York to LAX on Monday night when she started freaking out, a passenger told TMZ. When the flight landed, she was in a hurry to get off and did not like that a couple was blocking her exit as they started to retrieve their luggage from the overhead bin. She tried to squeeze by, causing the man to put his hand out to stop her, and this is where things got crazy.

In the video obtained by TMZ, you can see Banks start demanding her bag and screaming at the man and a flight attendant who is trying to calm her down. The two then became involved in some sort of tug-of-war over her luggage, leading to her eventually calling him a "f---king f---ot."

Police were eventually called, but she quickly ran off the plane. They caught up with her and some of the witnesses at baggage claim, and luckily for her, the couple that started the whole thing decided to not press charges.

Banks seems to like to cause trouble everywhere she goes. Back in February, she made similar comments when she slammed the white and gay community. "The gay white media is so evil, ugly and delusional," she tweeted at the time, adding, "Gay media has to stop using homophobia as a means to try and victimize itself and scar the names of its opponents. Phobia would imply that I am scared of gay men or dislike them because of what they choose to do sexually. I promise, no one gives a f--k what u decide to do in your private lives."

Banks' reps have not yet commented on the plane incident.