Olivia Pope’s claim-to-fame is her ability to fix anything. Her strong demeanor and ability to have people do what she wants them to do for their own good, is unmatched. However, according to Bellamy Young who plays Mellie Grant, Olivia (Kerry Washington) may be in pretty unfamiliar spot in Season 3.

“She is no longer the fixer. She is like the client,” Young said in an interview with TVLine.com. “Mellie is the fixer in her own mind. We’re looking at a reelection campaign, so I’ve got to handle it because we need four more years.”

Young adds that Mellie will look for someone to pin the situation on and that she has a masterplan to do it.

“Of course, it will no doubt blow up in her face as Mellie’s plans inevitably do,” said Young.

Oh Mellie, always trying to fix things and always horribly failing. While it will be bad for her, it will be great television for us.

Young also added that Episode 3 is a must-see. “Episode 3 was one of our best so far, I really look forward to [watching] that,” she told TVLine.

This isn’t the first episode recommendation we’ve gotten from the cast. Darby Stanchfield (Abby) had some pretty exciting thing to say about the season premiere and Episode 2.

"I have read the first two scripts and I am in shock," she said in an interview with EOnline. "There's some amazing flashback stuff that you thought you knew the answers to but it's like ‘Whoa, that's what really happened?!?!'"

So, the moral of the story is to not miss the first three episodes of “Scandal”. (Probably a good idea not to miss the other 19 either.)

“Scandal” premieres Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10/9c.