Did Drake just admit to dating Rihanna? It's been rumored that the two had a secret romance going on after they were spotted having dinner together before the VMAs. According to E! News, Ri Ri and Drake hung out at the Sons of Essex the Friday night before the awards ceremony.

A source said they came in separate but were definitely flirting and wanted some alone time. They headed to private tables at the back of the restaurant and their security guards "kindly asked some fans to leave because they were trying to get too close."

There have been other hints that have led people to believe they were an item including a subtle shout out Drake gave Rihanna on his new album "Nothing Was The Same." Neither one has addressed the rumors publicly but Ellen DeGeneres was able to get some information out of him about whether he really is dating the "Stay" singer, Hollywood Life reports.

While on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" the talk show host told Drake that she wanted to play a little game with him. She then pulled out flash cards and told him that she was going to show him some pictures of celebrity women and he had to say whether he dated her, is dating her or kissed her.

"This is where my career goes into a downward spiral," Drake said blushing.

Of course the very first photo DeGeneres flashed on the screen was Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

After a slight hesitation he said: "Yeah, great girl. We had our moment. Always support and have love for her."

Hmmm, does that means they DID date in the past? When DeGeneres started to move on to the next picture, Drake actually stopped her to kind of clarify his answer.

"I heard myself saying something else and I know I'm going to watch it back and be like that wasn't what I thought I said," Drake told DeGeneres.

She then asked if he wanted her to put Rihanna's picture back up on the screen so he could get a do-over.

"I'm not into do-overs. In any regard... which is an ironic thing to say in that situation," he said.

She continued the game putting up a picture of Nicki Minaj next. He said the two have never "shared like intimate moments" and he looks at her like she's family. When Tyra Banks flashed on the screen he admitted that they did go on a date. Next was Kim Kardashian's picture to which he said: "No, no, no come on."

The last photo was of actress Kat Dennings. Drake revealed that he used to have a huge crush on her and the two did go out for dinner.

As far as who he is dating now, the rapper said "I'm single. I'm ready to mingle."