Illinois authorities found three dead bodies and "other remains" in the garage of a deceased funeral home minister, much to the shock and dismay of relatives and neighbors.

Minister Anton Godfrey worked in the funeral business for quite some time, but many are questioning why authorities would find three decaying bodies in his garage, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Godfrey's wife decided to clean out the garage Wednesday in wake of her husband's life-ending heart attack, and was surprised to find a dead body among their belongings. She called the police right away.

Police then spent up to four hours digging through the garage and removing the deceased, all while wafting a ghastly odor into the neighborhood, according to CBS Chicago.

"They just kept pulling out cadavers. It was just, like, what the heck is going on?" said resident and neighbor Christine Smith. "Then we saw the casket, it was just like, 'Okay, wait a minute, something isn't right with this picture.'"

According to neighbors, authorities also removed a casket and took pictures of what was inside. Another resident said that upon mowing the home's grass as a favor, they discovered headstones laying around the yard.

Illinois records indicate that Godfrey was fined $10,000 two years ago for "operating as a funeral director and embalmer without a license," according to ABC 7.

The Cook County medical examiner will be conducting autopsies to ascertain more information on the deceased.