Apple will change the template of all of its mobile devices when it pushes the free iOS 7 download on Wednesday. With all Apple customers waiting for the download to become available, many are wondering just how long it will take before our phones are better than new and fully loaded with iOS 7.

The new iOS from Apple comes in the middle of the work week. As a result, many are worried that they'll begin the iOS 7 download on a lunch break and suddenly find themselves without a phone for the a good majority of the word day. Luckily, the experts at GottaBeMobile have compiled information based on other iOS launches and have figured out a way to plan your day around downloading the new iOS from Apple.

Typically Apple likes to update its devices around 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT). The download will take place in four stages. The first is backing up everything on the phone, which is optional but recommended. It takes about an hour to get everything from your phone to a computer but it will be worth it in the event something goes wrong. People often lose their contacts list when downloading a new iOS and this is a way to prevent that.

All of your purchases should get a backup as well. It will take another 30 minutes but it's the safest way to ensure everything comes with you over to iOS 7.

The actual download should only take about 20-30 minutes. The real factor here is one's internet connection. If you're working on a slow-speed connection, obviously it's going to take longer, so stream that episode of Breaking Bad after the iOS 7 update.

Following the initial download is an update time, which is expected to take another 15-30 minutes. After that you should be ready to run all the shiny new features from Apple's latest operating system on your mobile device.

In total, the whole process can take about 40-135 minutes according to estimates from GottaBeMobile. So, depending on how long your lunch break is and your exposure to a WiFi connection, you can have your new operating system before it's time to plug in your iPhone and listen to some music for the ride home. We recommend the new iTunes Radio.

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