Mother and daughter Georgina Clarke and Kayla Morris are addicted to plastic surgery and have spent a total of £56,000 ($86,000) to look like their role model, Katie Price.

During an interview on "This Morning," the duo admitted to have gotten several "boob jobs," 15 lip injections,18 Botox and cheek filler sessions and they are not planning to stop their addiction in the near future, OK! reported.

"I don't want to be rude, but do you know people are frightened of your lips?" Eamonn Holmes, the show's host, asked the women.

"Are they? Frightened?" Clarke responded.

"I have naturally big lips anyway. The lipliner and the lip gloss makes them look bigger, but no they're not painful," said 20-year-old Morris.

Clarke, 38, said aging scares her and the only option to make herself look younger is to have more plastic surgery. "I love the fake look," she added, according to Mirror U.K. "I want to look like Katie Price, Chloe Mafia and Josie Cunningham. They have great looks."

Clarke said she did not really give attention to her appearance when she was younger, but when she saw Katie Price in a magazine, she was motivated to change her looks.

"The minute I opened the paper and saw Jordan on Page 3, I instantly liked her. She just stood out. I loved her look - she was just perfect. Everything about her appealed to me," the mother said, according to DailyMail. "I was so used to being a dowdy mum but something about Katie Price stirred something in me. I was scared to admit it but when I looked at her picture, I thought maybe I could be glamorous too."

Morris on the other hand, pays for her and her mom's surgeries. She dropped out of school to make money as fast as she can so they can get surgeries. She became a stripper and earned £1,300 ($2,000) a week. Then Morris eventually began a "companionship" with an older man in his 50s who splurges and spends money on her.

"One night when I was working at the strip club, I started talking to a married guy in his late fifties who wanted to be my sugar daddy and pay for my upkeep," she said. "We swapped numbers and chatted for a while. I told him about the surgery that I wanted and we came to an arrangement where he paid me £800 per week."

The duo might become a trio since Morris said she would be glad to pay for her younger sister's future surgeries as well.

Katie Price is a British topless glamour model and TV personality who previously went by the name "Jordan." She was featured on Page 3 of the British-tabloid The Sun.

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