The past few months have provided a great summer of television. As the shows’ hit either there season or summer finale, and the fall show’s get set to return, let’s take a look at some of the rookie’s that made a splash on the small screen. Here are my three favorite rookies of the summer:

“Camp”—aired Wednesday, 10/9c on NBC

There may have not been a huge suspense plot in this story about Camp Little Otter, but it provided more than enough laughs and a good amount of drama. It was fun to see the shenanigans and schemes Buzz (Charles Grounds) was involved in. There was also enough complicated love stories to make your head spin but also allow you to chose sides. (Personally I was rooting for Mac (Rachel Griffiths)/Cole (Nikolai Nikoleaff), Buzz/Grace (Charlotte Nicdao),Kip (Thom Green)/Marina (Lily Sullivan.) I’m not really sure if it will return for another season but it was nice break from the more serious shows. The season finale aired Wednesday, Sept. 12 on NBC.

“Graceland”—aired Thursday, 10/9c on USA Network

Even right now I can’t wait to see how the house will save Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) from Jangles in the season finale which airs tonight. “Graceland” provided a great amount of suspense and drama, possibly even causing viewers to take sides between Mike (Aaron Tveit) and Briggs (Daniel Sunjata). There’s no shock that USA renewed it for another season. It will be interesting to see where the show is taken next season and where the executive producers and writers leave the Mike vs. Briggs battle when Season 1 ends. “Graceland” finishes its rookie season tonight, 10/9c on USA.

“Under the Dome”—aired Monday, 10/9c on CBS

This was the No. 1 show of the summer and for good reason. It was almost impossible to predict what would happen from week to week. Brian K. Vaughan and his team did an amazing job putting Stephen King’s amazing story on the small screen. And if that wasn’t enough, the season finale will be nothing like the book. There are so many questions heading into the finale and next season—What will happen to Barbie (Mike Vogel) now that he’s pleaded not guilty? What is Big Jim’s (Dean Norris) fate? What will Linda (Christina Martinez) do now that she’s discovered the mini dome? What in the world is the mini-dome about to do? “Under the Dome” has done the one thing every good television drama/thriller should do—keep you guessing. The season finale of “Under the Dome” airs Monday Sept. 16, 10/9c on CBS.