When we last left “Graceland” the house had split into teams of twos—Mike (Aaron Tveit)/Paige (Serinda Swan), Briggs (Daniel Sunjata)/Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren), Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito)/Johnny (Manny Montana).

The Briggs/Jakes team is at odds with the Paige/Mike team while the Charlie/Johnny team was working with Jangles and had no idea.

At the end of last week’s episode, “Happy Endings,” Briggs figured his only option was to go on the run since Mike was about to find the evidence linking Briggs to Juan Badillo’s death. Unfortunately, in the season finale Mike cannot find either Briggs or the recording.

In a “Graceland” season finale preview posted on EW.com, Mike and Paige corner Jakes on what he knows about Briggs whereabouts. They even warn him that a team is coming over from the FBI. Jakes doesn’t really seem to care.

You can watch the preview here.

We already know that the house will have bigger problems than dealing with Briggs when the season finale rolls around. In the promo for the episode entitled “Pawn,” Jangles—also known as Mexican Federale Rafael Cortes—has captured Charlie. The house is probably going to have to put their differences on hold to save their teammate.

Graceland’s first season was more than entertaining. So it was no surprise that it was recently renewed for a second season, according to EOnline.

"Jeff Eastin has once again delivered for USA Network. Graceland's brilliant serialized storytelling mixed with striking cinematography and a captivating ensemble cast has clearly resonated with a wide audience," said USA Network President Chris McCumber when he spoke about the renewal Tuesday, according to EOnline . "We're proud to be the home of summer's top new cable drama and anticipate Graceland will be a long-term player for the network."

The season finale of “Graceland” premieres Thursday, Sept. 12 at 8/7c on USA.