We’re only three weeks away from the Revenge Season 3 premiere, and if you’re looking for some news on a Jack (Nick Weschler) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) reunion, you’re in luck.

Jack’s world was spinning as Season 2 winded down. Aside from his son he lost the two most important people in his life and was told that the love of his life wasn’t really the love of his life.

According to Hollywood Life’s spoilers from the season premiere, Mr. Porter will be “much darker” this season. This makes perfect sense and it will be interesting to see just how devious, clever—and most importantly—determined he is in Season 3. I kind of feel sorry for anyone on his radar.

As far as a Jack/Emily relationship is concerned, TVGuide.com, reports the two destined lovers are going to have a "steamy, but not necessarily happy reunion.” Nevertheless, Emily/Amanda is not going to stray from her plan.

You can view the full list of spoilers from Hollywood Life here.

There are still a lot of questions heading into the third season of the show:

Will Jack and Emily be together at the end of the season?

Will Patrick (Jason Hartley) be a friend or formidable foe for Emily?

How will Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) survive the changes she’ll have to make in Season 3?

Who will be the next person to discover Emily’s true identity?

ABC’s entertainment president Paul Lee already told fans this season would be better than the last.

"I think we stumbled a little bit in the second season, but Mike [Kelley] is one of the great show runners," Lee told reporters this summer, according to MSNEntertainment. "What Sunil [Nayar] is bringing to us is a slightly less complicated and a really interesting take. The first episode back -- I don't know how much we can reveal. We're not allowed to reveal anything -- is a fantastic episode starting with a magnificent hook. I do think you are going to see that one enjoying itself in its third season. And we certainly are."

“Revenge” returns Sunday, Sept. 29, at 8/7c on ABC.