A Canadian teen saved a woman who was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend earlier this month, and the police are hailing him as a hero.

"Now I realize what I did and wow... it's really awesome.  I mean, I saved a life," said Maylk Bonnet, 17, who at the time did not think of himself as a hero, according to CBC News.

Bonnet was on his way home after he finished his shift as a cook at a restaurant on Aug. 1 when he spotted a couple on the street in the middle of a heated exchange, where he said the man was screaming at the woman.

The teen approached the couple, who asked him for bus money. He agreed, but began to notice that something was amiss once he was alone with the woman.

"The girl was saying, 'Please help me. He don't want to let me go. I want to go home but he don't want to let me go,'" Bonnet said.

Bonnet was able to get the man to trust him when he told the man that he was from the town they were headed and even volunteered to accompany them on the bus, CBS News reported.

Once they arrived in Laval, Canada, Bonnet took the couple to Tim Horton's so they could grab something to eat. He gave them $50 and left them on a table. He then made an excuse to go to the restroom so he could break away from them.

Bonnet then called the police using someone else's phone because his phone had died. Minutes later, the police arrived and arrested the man on the scene.

Unbeknownst to Bonnet, the police had actually been searching for the couple after the woman's family had reported her missing on the same day.

Police officers hailed Bonnet as a hero. They collected money worth $250 to pay back Bonnet for the money he spent on that day to rescue the woman. The teen is being nominated for an award from the police department, as well as a national award for his bravery, according to NBC News.