Jordin Sparks' song “Work From Home,” featuring B.O.B., is HNGN’s New Music Monday selection for Aug. 10 for its soft and gentle tone that is mixed with catchy rap lyrics.

“Tell me why one day seems so long,” the accomplished singer sings on the record, according to Urban Lyrics. "When you’re gone, ain’t no sun. No waves in the ocean. What if I could just make you my child? I would be so defloated, I need a promotion. Boy, when I get home, I’m a work hard. Cause you work, like I do. I’m a work hard when I get home, cause I work hard on you."

You can find the "American Idol' season six winner's latest track from her upcoming album "Right Here, Right Now," in stores and online Aug. 21, according to Just Jared.

“Work From Home” is about when you are excited about a relationship,” the celebrity told the website. “And how when that particular person comes home, you wanna do whatever you can to make that person happy and comfortable because that makes you happy.”

You can find Sparks' other songs off the album, which are part of her initiative to release a song each week before the album's official launch, here.

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