It is indeed amazing how animals of different species could get along well together. Yes, we have seen dogs playing with goats or cats but a dog playing with a bird?

Dogs love to chase birds and some would even attack them, but for this Jack Russell Terrier named Whiskey, the bird is his best friend. At first glance, you might be afraid that the bird would be bitten by the dog. Worry not; it's not going to happen.

Whiskey and the magpie Sqwark are just playmates. Sqwark has learned how to roll over and play with the dog. It is indeed a sweet encounter because it is very rare for a dog to play with a bird. The video, with over three million views, shows the bond between the two and will surely melt your heart!

YouTube user Heidi Anne Morris commented on the video saying, "This has to be the sweetest video I've ever seen and I don't think I've ever seen one quite like it. I know magpies are very intelligent birds but I didn't realize how trusting and tame they could be. These two have an amazing relationship. It's lovely watching them both play but I love the bit where Sqwark spins over and over on the washing line."

Another comment from Alina Asova says, "That is unusual friendship :) proves that everything is possible in this world."