The elephant, Apple, and her daughter, Princess, lived at an elephant camp in Thailand that offers rides to tourist. The two were kept in a small enclosure with Apple chained to her stall while Princess was cuffed to her mother's front foot.

The pair was together, but 8-month-old Princess was supposed to be sold and the mother and child would have been torn apart. Thankfully, the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand made efforts to rescue the elephants.

Elephant calves are dependent on their mothers during their early years while females would stay with thier mother for their entire life. Princess would have a sad life living away from her mother, especially that she had already experienced hunger, sleep-deprivation and physical abuse.

A person with a generous heart offered to cover all the expenses to transfer Apple and Princess to the WFFT sanctuary. The two were relocated and were saved from abuse and from being used for Thailand's tourism industry.