When you are in trouble, you'd call a friend and someone would come over to help. Some pet owners have experienced the compassion of their pets who would lie on their lap or lick away their tears when feeling sad. Like humans, animals are each other's friend too — and they also help each other no matter what species each one comes from.

Not only domesticated animals show love and compassion — even those who grew up in the wild care for their fellow animals.

Of course, we have seen many animal parents rescue their own little ones or helped them in some way. But what about a hippo saving a zebra? Or a bear rescuing a bird out of the water? That would be a different story.

The Dodo compiled video footage of animals helping one another. The touching clips prove animals have love and compassion.

Sometimes, all you need is a friend. <3

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, July 3, 2015

The video, which was uploaded on Facebook, has been viewed more than three million times and has been shared more than 65,000 times.

"Animals are so better than humans!" read one comment, which most people agreed with.

Another comment said: "Love and Compassion is what it's all about."