Wende Harston, a lead singer of a jazz band in Denver, was left homeless in the first half of 2015. She lived in an immobile RV in a warehouse district where she illegally plugged into a business's power to keep a few electronics powered.

Unfortunately, her pet African Parrot Samula couldn't stay with her on the RV because of the lack of space. Even if it broke her heart, Harston turned over Samula to the Gabriel Foundation.

Week after week, she would visit the parrot to keep in touch with her, and she sings for the birds regularly. Samula was Harston's best friend, and living without her was extremely hard for her.

"It kills me. It absolutely kills me," she said as she recalls the experience, according to USA Today.

Harston finally found a mobile home in July with the help of the foundation who opened a GoFundMe page for her.

"They LOVE her!" the foundation wrote on the fundraiser page they started for Harston. "Her music, her quiet and kind manner, and her positive energy bring joy to our birds and organization every time she visits."

Harston didn't just get a home, as she was she finally was able to get Samula back with her again.