While police deputies were driving, they needed to stop as a baby owl blocked the road, adorably staring at them innocently.

The cute and fluffy baby owl defiantly blocked the road in Boulder County, Colo., which was approached by the cops while taking a video.

One female deputy approached the baby northern saw-whet owl in an attempt to clear the roadway. She sweet talks with the owl, who responded with a click. The adorable moment was captured in a 27 seconds video, showing the cuteness of the avian.

The bird refused to move and had a lengthy standoff with a sheriff's deputy. What happened to owl after the camera stopped rolling? Well, "after some curious head twisting (on both sides) it safely flew away," the Boulder County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook.

The video was uploaded on July 24 and has now gathered more than four million views! Everyone finds the owl very cute! Well, it sure is!

Viewer Scott Waring even shared a similar experience. "I was driving through Yellowstone once and saw a baby owl standing in the road," Waring said. "I stopped my car and got out. Loads of cars behind me asked what it was. I told em. Then I smiled and tried to gently push him off the road. He really didn't want to go though. It took about two minutes. Cute little guy. Like this owl, but all one color and more round like a ball, and a bit smaller."

Looks like owls love to stop cars!