A skeleton with an unusually shaped head was unearthed in Russia's Stonehenge. The elongated skull sparked interest among UFO enthusiasts, who believe that the remains could be proof that aliens visited our planet several years ago, according to Express.

Archaeologists from Russia released photos and videos of the dig to reveal their discovery, and UFO enthusiasts have become very curious.

However, the experts belied the assumptions that the skeleton belongs to an alien species, and instead said that the bones may belong to a woman from 2,000 years ago. Her skull was bizarre as it may have been bounded, as per traditions of her tribe.

"We have found a well-preserved skeleton," said Maria Makurova, one of the researchers, according to Mail Online. "I would not exclude the possibility that the skeleton belongs to a woman from the Sarmati tribe that lived in the territories of what is now modern day Ukraine, Kazakhstan and southern Russia. Her skull was elongated because the tribe did so by tying up the heads of their children with rope. It was clearly a tradition in the tribe."

The skeleton was found in a 4,000-year-old settlement in Akraim and Makurova's team said that they will still do further studies, particularly why the tribe held such traditions.

Russia's Stonehenge was built in 17th century B.C. and like the actual Stonehenge in the U.K., it was also used as a site to study stars and constellations in the ancient years. The location was discovered by another group of archaeologists in 1987, according to Mirror.

Watch the video of the unearthed skeleton below: