In the pilot for the “The Originals,” Elijah (Daniel Gillies) made a huge, chivalrous show of warning anyone who tried to hurt Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) while she was carrying his brother’s child. Therefore, the question for Haley is—What’s going to happen after the baby is born?

Show creator Julie Plec recently said things may get a little bit harder for Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) werewolf baby mama once she gives birth.

"One of the first things Rebekah (Claire Holt) says to Haley is that Klaus is the kind of guy who puts his family members in a box, so probably when you give birth you'll end up in one of your own," Plec told Good thing witch Sophie has a trick up her sleeve to keep Haley safe — for now.”

Let’s hope for Haley’s sake that Sophie (Danielle Pineda) is as strong a witch as Bonnie. (Of course we also hope she doesn’t go and turn herself into a ghost like Bonnie [Kat Graham, “The Vampire Diaries”].)

It’s nice that Sophie has a plan to keep Haley safe for now—especially since Klaus seems like the type to allow the baby to be born and then either kill or totally disregard Haley.

It’s a safe bet that Klaus doesn’t exactly love Haley, especially with many “The Vampire Diaries” fans hoping he somehow ends up with Caroline (Candice Accola, “The Vampire Diaries”). Also, a human woman named Cami (Danielle Campbell) could become a love interest for both Klaus and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Hmm, a human woman who could become a love interest for two vampires who are like brothers to each other—where have we seen that before?

“The Originals” premieres Oct. 3, 9/8 c on The CW.