We have seen many smart dogs, and we are always impressed upon seeing how intelligent they really are since they can perform actions that ordinary dogs cannot do.

However, did you know that aside from following commands and doing tricks, some dogs can actually perform actions that we think can only be done by humans? Other dogs have learned how to count, but this dog that we will see in the video knows how to read!

This dog, named Jordan, can read two different commands written on signs — "sit" and "down." You might say that the dog is merely recognizing the signs and following it, but doing that means the dog can read what the sign says, The Dodo noted.

The YouTube video has nearly 10,000 views and received various comments. Some viewers are impressed, while others aren't. One viewer even exagerrated the scenario, saying, "(Jordan finishes reading 'War and Peace' by Leo Tolstoy) 'YESSSS!!!' (Gives treat)."

"Great dog. But this proves nothing," another comment reads. "Other then repetition to Down and Sit. Saw it in the first move when the dog sat instead of down. You cued him by waiting. A lot of variables here. Another over indulged trick."