Let me know if this was your expression upon seeing the second to last scene—“WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!”

There might have been a few expletives in there. Some of you probably fell of your couches. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of you threw something at your TV.

But sigh, it appears A. is. Ezra.

Now, there’s a reason why I use the word “appears”. There is always the slight possibility that Ezra was angry because he realized someone was hurting Aria or maybe the real “A” is holding something over Ezra. (Possibly his son?)

This is what we’re all hoping. I mean, that’s what happened with Toby and it seems most people forgave him.

Of course there’s also what’s staring us in the face and, to the detriment of all Ezra lovers, Mr. Fitz is actually board shorts and actually “A.”

Besides the extremely shocking news that Ezra looks to be A, here are the three things I took away from the summer finale:

1: Aria is as fierce as she is caring – Before we knew anything about Ezra, Miss Montgomery sat down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with Mr. Fitz. Although there may be some people who’d rather see “Jaria” than “Ezria” (especially now) it was nice to see her there for her friend. The kiss they shared wasn’t as nice, but I digress. We got to see Aria’s fierce side in Ravenswood. After getting a clue from A to travel to the creepy town they finally see the Red Coats (yes, there’s two of them). Aria chases one and gets in a cat fight with one of the Red Coats who is revealed to be Cece. Aria, using the moves she learned from Jake, kicks Cece’s butt which causes Miss Drake to fall over the railing and almost die. When she and Liars go to look for Cece down below they realize Cece has vanished.

2: Spencer knows about everything, including magic — The girls get three clues from A. One of them includes a magic box that, when given the proper touch, pulls back to reveal a saw. Of course Spencer is able to figure out the trick because she won first prize at magic camp. The box leads the girls to Ravenswood where they witness a magic show performed by a mime. While the mime performs a trick with Aria, A takes Emily. Luckily they are able to find her in a cemetery, buried in a coffin, before she ran out of air. While Aria is chasing one Red Coat, Spencer goes after the other. The second Red Coat, who is probably Ali, leads her to A’s lair. There we are able to see how A, using everything from white boards to high tech computers, has been keeping tabs on the Liars.

3: Ali’s alive – We have been getting hints since last season. However, Mrs. Grunwald (whose memory magically appears) reveals that Ali was never dead and that she actually rescued Ali form being buried alive. Since then she has been trying to keep the Liars’ former leader from being found by A. The girls had just learned that Ali may be at a nearby costume party. Despite Grunwald’s warning, they decide to attend the festivities, which we can guess nicely sets up the Halloween episode.

The Halloween Special airs Oct. 22, 8/7c on ABC Family.

Other PLL News from the Summer Finale:

Mona has left Radley and may be working with Shana.

Hannah’s mysterious do-gooder has helped get the charges on Ms. Marin dropped.

Caleb has hopped on a bus to Ravenswood to help Hannah—the same Ravenswood where he will begin his new life, and his new TV show.