The United Arab Emirates executed Ala'a Badr Abdullah al-Hashemi, the woman convicted of killing American teacher Ibolya Ryan, according to state media WAM.

Hashemi was sentenced to death last month for the murder of Ryan, whom she stabbed to death in the bathroom of a shopping mall in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, Reuters reports.

Hashemi was also convicted of the attempted murder of an American-Egyptian doctor, whom she tried to kill by planting a bomb outside the doctor's apartment. The bomb was discovered before it was detonated.

In addition, authorities said she provided financial support to certain terrorist groups, assembled illegal explosives and spread jihadist ideology through email and social media, according to CNN.

Hashemi was caught on CCTV cameras walking inside the mall wearing a full black burqa. Later, she was seen running to an elevator and exiting the mall. Her image in the footages earned her the nickname "Reem Ghost."

She stabbed Ryan inside a mall bathroom "with an intention to kill," WAM reports.

The murder happened two months after the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi informed U.S. citizens of a circulating online message inciting attacks against American and other foreign teachers, CNN reports.

Hashemi admitted to the murder, saying she was acting out of vengeance for her husband who was taken into custody for suspected militant connections.

She also said her actions were driven by a mental illness, which made her act like she was possessed by evil spirits. However, a medical investigation on her condition revealed that she was sane, according to Reuters.

Ryan left behind 11-year-old twins. A online fundraising campaign set up to help support their education has raised over $34,000, according to CBS News.