In last week’s episode of “Graceland,” Mike (Aaron Tveit) finally confessed his real mission to someone in the house. However, his confidant—Paige (Serinda Swan)—didn’t really take too well to the news that Mike is really at Graceland to investigate Briggs (Daniel Sunjata).

According to Tveit, Mike’s confession won’t exactly leave things the same.

"That is a very, very big thing and that changes everything," Tveit said during his interview with "That was the first moment we see weakness in Mike."

Mike’s confession came as he was in a hospital bed hopped up on morphine. Paige had previously offered to listen to Mike if he ever needed to talk. Unfortunately for him, when he finally did talk, she didn’t really like what she heard and stormed out of the room.

Tveit says when Mike gets back to Graceland, he’s in a state of paranoia and uncertainty.

"The beginning of this next episode, Mike walks into the house and he has no idea who she's told what, if she said anything, if everyone knows, if no one knows," Tveit explains. "He has no idea what he's walking into."

Also in the next episode, according to Tveit, is Mike’s trip to prison to maintain his cover with Bello (Gbenga Akinnagbe). In addition to this, he’ll have a new boss since his old one decided to go rouge and Briggs killed him. (In the last episode, Mike’s controlling officer Juan (Pedro Pascal) dons the apparel of Jangles. He approaches a drunken Briggs and, as the two are wrestling for a gun, Juan is shot and killed.)

His new controlling officer will be Regional Director of the Southern California FBI. Tveit said Mike’s job will get “more intense and more official.”

There may be some fans who don’t like Briggs. However, according to Tveit, he and his character don’t think the worst of Graceland’s leader.  "I never thought that Briggs was a bad guy, as Aaron reading it, and as Mike,” said Tveit.

He adds:“From my perspective, no matter what happens with Briggs — if Mike needs to bring him in, if the evidence is there — Mike is trying to get this guy help because he is his friend and he does respect him and he does care about him."

Tveit’s like for Briggs goes as far as to hope someday the two will become partners.

"Not to make it like some buddy thing, but I think he and Briggs are a great team,” Tveit said.

“Graceland”: airs on USA, Thursdays at 10/9c.