Celebrity trainer Bob Harper, known for his participation as one of the personal trainers in "The Biggest Loser" series, implied that a healthy diet is better than exercise when aiming to cut those excess pounds.

This familiar face has graced the TV show made for obese people who are willing to lose weight to win a cash prize since 2004. Aside from his TV appearances, he also teaches lessons in L.A and works as a yoga instructor. He is also a PETA advocate after he tried living a vegan life in 2010 though he lasted for only a year.

Harper used to believe that excess fats can easily be removed by simply exercising it away. However, he had realized that a healthy diet provides more impact when working to lose weight.

"It is all about your diet," Harper, 48, said to Reuters during a break from filming Season 15 of the long-running U.S. show. "I used to think a long time ago that you can beat everything you eat out of you and it's just absolutely not the case."

The Tennessee-born trainer is promoting a DVD compilation of the workouts he used to guide the contenders for the TV show and a book he wrote titled "The Skinny Rules." Both offer tips to help people lose those unwanted pounds.

Harper clarified that a healthy diet is better than exercising but it doesn't mean that a person should skip the latter. Both should work together as exercising helps maintain the weight achieved by the healthy diet.

Furthermore, he shared to Reuters that an effective exercise routine should include lunges and core-strengthening moves to speed up fat burning. The activities also improve the heart rate which helps in supplying oxygen to the blood and muscles. Healthy muscles could make those abs look good when exposed.