The season finale of “The Vampire Diaries” left us with a lot of questions, one of the bigger ones being—When is everyone going to realize "Stefan" is acting a little funny?

According to, a source said, “It won’t be long.”

The sources adds that it won’t take long for “Stefan” to act out of character:

“But before [everyone figures it out], get ready to witness the most awkward reunion ever when the Salvatores literally hug it out after their summer apart. You'd think that a hug from Stefan would be Damon's first clue that something is up!”

In the Comic-Con trailer for Season 5 we see Silas (Paul Welsey) talking to a bunch of townspeople as they are at first uneasy as he speaks. Pretty soon, they are more mesmerized (or maybe hypnotized) as Silas seems to be extremely creepy powers of persuasion.

According to Executive Producer Julie Plec, there might be some scenes where Paul Wesley is doubled meaning Silas and Stephan will pull a Katherine and Elena.

“Part of the fun of having an actor play two roles are those opportunities to put them face to face, but they're difficult to shoot and they take a lot of time and the stuff we do even with Katherine and Elena we do so sparingly,” Plec said in May.

She also mentioned that Stephan will be on a “journey” while he’s locked away in the giant safe. (We can guess that “journey” includes the “hallucinations” Wesley talks about in his Comic Con interview) [Credit: the TV Addict]

In a separate Comic Con interview Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) said Stefan will be at the bottom of the lake “until further notice.”

It will be interesting to see how Damon reacts when he realizes Silas’ identity. Also, how powerful is Silas? He may not have shown us all he can do in Season 4.

Season 5 of “The Vampire Diaries” will premiere on October 3, 8/7c,