Smartphone Lights Can Disrupt Functions Of Brain & Body, One Study Claimed

By Carie P. | Jul 18, 2017 07:28 AM EDT

According to the latest study, the lights which are being emitted by smartphones are considered dangerous to the brain and the body. For some, it may be very difficult to resist from looking at their smartphones at night but that is a very terrible idea.

It was claimed that smartphone screens give off bright blue light which can help the user see them even at the sunniest times of the day. But this should not be the case during night-time as the brain gets confused by the light that the phone emits as it imitates the brightness of the sun.

Because of this confusion, the brain will have a tendency to stop producing melatonin which is a hormone that gives the body the time to sleep. With this, Business Insider reported that the light emitted by the smartphone can upset the sleep cycle of one person making it harder and difficult for him to fall and stay asleep. Moreover, this can also cause serious health conditions in the future.

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Due to the disruption of one's sleep schedule, the person's memory might be impaired and distracted the following day. Besides, a poor night's sleep because of the light emitted by the smartphone can make it harder for one to learn and focus. In the long run, not getting enough and adequate sleep can lead to the accumulation of Neurotoxin which makes it even harder for one to get a good sleep.

The latest study even claimed that the suppressed levels of melatonin can cause depression. Furthermore, because of the disrupted sleep and melatonin, the smartphone lights can also affect the hormones which control hunger. This means that there can be a high risk for obesity and weight gain.

Apart from the above-mentioned health disadvantages of the smartphone light during night-time, researchers were also looking into the possibility if the blue light can potentially damage the retina or one's vision. It was said that the researchers needed more studies to prove this though.

In addition, the researchers were also trying to determine if the blue light emitted by the smartphones can cause cataracts but still more investigations are needed to establish this. Further, it was established too that the connection between light exposure at night and the disrupted sleep that come with it has something to do with the risk of breasts and prostate cancer.

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